About Me

The born and raised German Dennis is truly a what you might call natural born entertainer. With his parents being 3 times world champions in ballroom dance his skills, creativity and love for performing arts must have been in his genes.
After receiving the best education in a variaty of dance styles over nearly a decade and a solid foundation of acting classes he managed to win almost every title there was in dance on the way including the title of hip hop world champion and a top 5 place in the german ballroom nationals giving him a huge understanding for the variaties of dance.

Turning 18 he started reaching for further goals and started the first step towards his professional career by entering the german tv competition of the world wide franchise „So you think you can dance“ and after 3 months of hard work, managing to leave 10 thousands of competitiors behind and win the competition opening him the way to the not only national but international entertainment industry.
Taking the reigns by the hands Dennis soon moved to Europe’s entertainment Mecca, London and started to make himself a name as one of the industries hot new face dancing for superstars such as Beyonce, Kylie Mingue or Leona Lewis as well as working on dozens of TV productions europe wide.

As it is in Dennis creative & focused nature he soon decided he wanted to reach for further goals and start being creative himself. Not long after he found himself working as a creative/artistic director and choreographer for A-List artists and TV productions all over europe as well as getting signed by US leading talent agency `BLOC LA’ and becoming a TV personality resulting out of his full featured appearances on several TV shows as a judge or performance coach at the tender age of 23.
Chasing his passion and childhood dream of becoming an actor Dennis decided to reach fort he stars and make himself another home in the worlds leading entertainment city – Hollywood, Los Angeles to discover the big screens.